Friday, 8 October 2010

I think she would wait for me if I had to go far away...

As I was browsing the Sartorialist ( - a guilty habit of mine- I stumbled across a beautiful picture of a women outside some sort of fashion event:
This photo is absolutely beautiful, for the shadow, the contrast, the clothes etc, but more for her expression which manages to remain forceful even with the heavy shadow. Also the absolute brilliance of wearing such an elegant piece. A couple of interesting comments on the photo which generally said that she looked like an old fashioned italian film star, one comment said "I think she would wait for me if I had to go far away". Sigh. What a photograph, it seems to inspire each commenter to try to create a story around it.
Turns out this lady is Valentina Ilardi Martin - she even has a romantic name! The editor in chief of Grey Magazine -

I looked up the magazine and it has a really strong aesthetic. Perhaps not to everyone's taste but to me it seems at least to have a mind behind it and as I seem to remember reading that Valentina Ilardi Martin was also the artistic director perhaps she is the mind. Her personal style is certainly coveted in many circles. Here is a taste of some of the pictures from the site (copyright obviously remains with the author):

Mostly I love the way the photographers use light in each case carefully and strikingly. I also LOVE the way they juxtapose an image of a person and an object/abstract image - like the material blowing out of the window next to a beautifully clean and angular close up of the woman's face, with the aggressive 80's/mens tailoring framing her picture. The photograph of the window seems to layer emotion on to the photograph of the woman. It reminds me very much of an amateur photographer I used to follow on DeviantArt, whose name I will try to remember and put up some pictures of in the future. The photographer's photographs also had this dream like quality and used juxtaposed images.

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  1. You have beautiful taste and talent. Saw your link on What', glad I did.