Sunday, 24 October 2010

Roaring Twenties!

So to the next set of jewellery based on the 'roaring twenties'! I loved going through and chosing the images from this set and I think L. Stead did an extraordinary job with them. These are really wonderful little framed pieces of art. I wont post too many pictures but you can see all of them (nearly all, there's 7 designs and 4 loaded at the moment) at these two sites -

“I think a woman gets more happiness out of being gay, light-hearted, unconventional, mistress of her own fate.... I want [my daughter] to be a flapper, because flappers are brave and gay and beautiful.” Author Zelda Fitzgerald. 1924


  1. These are all so pretty!!! Nice work! Thanks for linking this up to Brag Monday.