Monday, 11 October 2010


Finally I am going to post a photograph of my jewellery. I made this piece for my sister hence the initials 'KS' at the base of the bird cage. The artwork was drawn by Lisa Stead (copyright remains with the artist).

It's on a black ribbon instead of a chain because it creates a more striking piece, matches the artwork and adds to the paste-broach Victoriana style. This was my first foray into this kind of customised cameo/miniatures style jewellery.

The next piece I will post contains a beautiful drawing, again by my collaborator - artist Lisa Stead, taken from a vintage fashion postcard. The inspiration for moving in this direction was partly influenced by the tradition of renaissance miniatures - exquisite tiny little portraits in frames. They have many amazing examples in the National Portrait Gallery in London which I visited this weekend. But I wanted to combine this very old tradition with the black and white portraits of iconic film stars from the films I love so much. So! That's how the next piece came about which I will photograph and post soon.


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