Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sea Glass from Dawlish

I went on a little jaunt to Dawlish beach on the south-west coast of England at the weekend and had a lovely day eating cream teas and walking along a VERY windy beach. Along the way I picked up some little pieces of sea glass to see if I could make something from them. You can buy manufactured 'sea glass' which has been artificially tumbled, but to me that completely destroys the concept of it being tossed around on the sea bed and slowly reaching that misty prettiness. Obviously natural sea glass isn't uniform, so it's more difficult to work with. But it's worth it. I found some tiny little pieces which I have made into studs:

Most of the glass pieces were tiny (I've photographed a pile of the biggest pieces), I have one other pair made and I'm hoping to make two more if possible.

1 comment:

  1. I love glass. These are very pretty stud earrings. I bet customers at craft fairs are intrigued when you tell them what they're made from!