Sunday, 13 February 2011

Festival in Taunton

Yesterday I had a stall at the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton during their Outset Festival along with my artist collaborator Lisa Rose Stead. The organiser was lovely and very helpful and all the passers by were incredibly friendly. I took a few quick photos on my phone.

The pendants on a quickly made stand, which was really useful!

 Lisa's cards (soon to be available on Roses and  Hello's Etsy)

Cards of the illustrations featured in the jewellery

And you can just about see one of the new bangles with the silver rocking horse charm on it.

Charm jewellery, currently available on Etsy

And new earrings, soon to be loaded!

I also had a wire wrapped slate pendant on the stall, which was made from slate I picked in on a tiny place in Wales called Corris. As it turned out the lady who bought the pendant knew Corris well! Just a nice reminder that sometimes it really is a small world.

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