Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Cuban Tale

Hello. I just thought I'd share a little jewellery story with you. I posted off today 4 Cuban rings (the last of that size coin!) to a  girl called Elisa and she very kindly said I could pass on her story.

Turns out she had a particular wish for buying one of the rings (other than it being pretty!) because her grandparents are Cuban. She requested, and I made, 3 more rings: one for her mother, and one each for her two aunts in memory of her grandmother who recently passed away. She says she hopes to visit Cuba one day.

I polished each coin and set them on ring blanks using a hardening resin. Once dry I re-polished to remove any excess resin and made sure each piece was perfect.  I put them in their little organza bags and sent them off to America!

Previously I made one for a lady whose mother was Cuban and she said her mother would be so pleased to receive it as she hadn't been able to bring much with her to her new home.

I really love hearing about the new home my jewellery goes to.

And lastly I thought I'd just share with you soem pictures of a ring I bought from a market in Cuba. The ring is made from the handle of a spoon. I really like how it's chunky but also delicate and the idea of making something useful into an ornament - which sort of inspired me for the coin rings!

Also, this weekend Roses and Hello is going to its first festival. Wish us luck!

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