Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hummingbirds (another Cuban post)

When I was in Cuba I saw two hummingbirds - one bright green/blue in flashes in front of a flower and one tiny black one sat in a tree. I've always loved hummingbirds, but since seeing them I love them even more!

For Christmas I was given some Cuban stamps with humming birds on and recently found a frame large enough to make them into a necklace:

I have one more of these frames... wonder what I'll do with it...
I also brought back a stamp myself, somewhat accidentally through buying too many at the postoffice for postcards home! it's much littler than the other stamps and I'm still hoping to find the right frame for it.

More hummingbird things, the ring I ordered before Christmas has finally arrived! Hooray!

And finally here is my very own little wooden hummingbird crafted in the mountains of Cuba, only found in that one little craft market. It hangs from my kitchen cabinet. The photo's don't really capture it properly. In fact there's a nice story that goes with it. We passed through  the craft market and thought the hummingbirds were beautiful, but as you know, you tend to get the same items as many markets and as we had to rush, we didn't stop. We then found out that you could only get them at that one particular market. We left our guide some money and asked her if she could get one and ask the next British family she took round to post them back in the UK (Cuban post is notoriously bad!). The hummingbirds are made to disassemble and have tiny pins to fit back together. Lo and behold, some months later a little package arrived!

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