Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tea Party Tags - printable and UK protests

Hello! These beautiful tags are free to print from this blog. Very cute!

Lovely, lovely. I saw a very sweet teapot with robin's on the other day, I love teapots.

Today in the UK there were nation wide protests to protest against student fees and I attended one in Exeter. You can see up to date info about all the UK wide protests by typing #solidarity or #dayx2 or #demo2010   into the twitter search box.

Some tweets from the protests:
 @JackStargatt: Finally out of the kettle. Only illegally contained for two hours. #bristol #dayx2 #solidarity #nocuts

cryurchin: Exeter anti-cuts protest. More pictures here - http://bit.ly/hiU1t9 - #solidarity #dayx2 #demo2010 http://twitpic.com/3bmmkq

RT @leelapaul: So proud that students all over the UK are taking a stand for their education with peaceful protest! @UCLOccupation #solidarity

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