Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cuba and Espresso

Today, aside from research, I have been photographing the newest piece of jewellery - a ring made from a Cuban coin. I visted Cuba this summer and it's such a beautiful and friendly country that I wanted to make a memento project from it, so I brought back a few coins to make jewellery from. This is now listed: and and the new European shop which I'll talk about more below

And some little thumbnails of photographs I took in Cuba just to give the ring some background, it's travelled half way around the world after all! Some rum from the rum museum, a beautifully restored square, one of the old buildings not yet restored and a tabacco leaf drying house.

I have also been drinking lots of espresso from my birthday espresso cups! Cute. Today I launched an EU based shop Same products, but I know some people are put off by using US online shops and this one focuses particularly on Europe, which I think is nice. It allows me a nice big banner and the whole system was really easy to use.

And the final thing I did today... make a little advert for the company to go on this blog which belongs to a very nice person who asked if I would like to advertise for free as I was just starting out! And here is my little advert:

I'm hoping to create a jewellery piece using the image of the people on the left.

Productive day! Now back to research...

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