Saturday, 27 November 2010

1920s advert pendant

I completely love this design. It comes from an advert in a 1920s British magazine 'Picturegoer'. I love the silhouette simplicity of it.  
The advert is actually for throat sweets! But it's very pretty all the same, I like how the umbrella is white on the outside and black underneath. The ladies cloche hat is very much in fashion at the moment! I know I want one...

Had a request to make a pendant out of one of the Cuban coins. I had a bigger 25c coin which suited and so I made the lady a pendant. I have one more coin of that size, so I think I'll make another one soon.
Below is the one I sent to her:

I usually take my photographs in natural light, but this one was taken in the evening, just to show the piece as she already knew what she was buying. I like the dramatic look of it.

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